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Janay's Herbal All Natural Haircare Set


Our haircare set is filled with everything you need to supercharge your hair and scalp routine, naturally.  All hair products contain Burdock (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant), Olive Oil and Vitamins & Minerals essential for healthy hair and scalp. Promotes hair growth and is a natural remedy for dry, itchy scalps (dandruff, scalp psoriasis, eczema).

Includes: Janay's Herbal All-Purpose Shampoo, Organic Hair Conditioner, Hair & Scalp Restorer, and Light Hair Oil

Value: $44

If you want to see even more burdock root benefits, everything you need to naturally supercharge your entire hair and skincare routine is included in Janay's Herbal Burdock Root Collection for Hair, Skin & Body.

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