Dear Janay's,

I purchased your hair products at the Black Expo in Columbia, SC about 2 weeks ago.  I have used the shampoo/conditioner, the oil for scalp/hair, and the oil for hair.  I am impressed with your products.  My scalp is dry most of the time.  I'm trying to wear perm and color.  So far, your products have proven to add moisture where moisture needs to be and I have gotten good compliments about my hair.  Thanks for sharing this with the people of Columbia.  I wish that I had purchased some of your facial products. 




Faye Smith 




I purchased product at the CIAA the wk of 02-26-07 - 03/03/07 from John Deberry.
I have been using the products now since Wed. this week ( finally unpacked it). I love the soap! I had a blemish from squeezing a bump on my forehead that I didn’t think was going to heal without leaving an ugly mark ( and I new better then to squeeze it, I'm a nurse... by god). In the 3 days I have used the soap and face cream and lotion it has just abt disappeared! I was amazed. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. I find that I don't think I can use both the soap and lotion on my face, even though my complexion is better for the most part, my skin around my mouth seems to be crying for moisture. It's like a little scaly patchy roughness. Any suggestions? Should I just use the products once a day vs twice? Don't use the lotion? Let me know.
The products worked so well for my blemish, I started to use it on my rt leg that had several areas of what I would say looked like bruises. I was using bleaching cream previously (Ambi) but no real change, at least nothing that I could say was working. So, for the last 2 days I have used the soap on my rt leg. I am so amazed that the red/purple areas are disappearing, in just 2 days of use 2 x a day. It's truly unbelievable. I have had the discoloration's on my legs for at least 3-4 years or more. Don't know how I got them or why. I am truly amazed. Haven't used the shampoo and conditioner yet (ya know a sistah doesn't wash her hair everyday) give me a minute on that one. I am looking forward to using them though!
Just a couple of more things to tell you. I going to see if the soap and lotion have any effect on stretch marks. I'm going to cut the bar of soap up that I have, give some moisturizing lotion to some family members to see if they can see any changes with some problem areas and get back to you
I'm really going to need some soap asap. Do I go thru John or email the company. This email was originally sent to John but has came back undeliverable.
Since the original email never got to John (sent on 03/10/07) I have tried the soap on my stretch marks and I am truly amazed again in just 2 days 2x day there is about 75% change in coloration of the stretch marks. I feel if I continue to use the soap and moisturizer over time they will not be noticeable at all.  I'm just so blow's unreal. I have also used the soap on my toes, you know every toe has a corn (not quite that bad) but the 3rd and 4th toes on each foot, again just 2 days with very noticeable difference. Come summer I'll have sandal pretty feet :).  I have told several people about the soap and moisturizer and have orders. I will contact you by phone on Mon. 03/12/07 as the site is not secure at this time.   I am really anxious to get other products. I even have 2 other success stories that don't involve me. Family members that I gave a piece of my soap too (just 1 day) already are seeing results.  WOW !

Karen Seals




"I've been trying to grow my hair for the past 9 
years.  It wasn't until I started using Janay's
Shampoo & Conditioner, and Light Oil Treatment that my
hair truly started to grow.  I also notice that I
started getting razor bumps under my neck from
shaving, and I started using Janay's Herbal Soap that
help clear my skin up.  I truly love this product, not
only is my hair growing FASTER and THICKER, but my
skin is SMOOTH and CLEAR.  I love getting compliments
from people about my skin or my hair.  I take pride in
saying I use JANAY'S Herbal Products!!!!!"

Marrell A. Edmonds
Chesapeake, VA




My life changed with Janay’s herbal skin care products.  I noticed a huge change in my skin.  My skin tone became even and my skin never felt smoother.  The herbal moisturizers kept my skin soft without a heavy, oily undertone.  My favorite product was the herbal cold cream.  I no longer had blemishes on my skin due to stress or bad eating habits.  I applied the cream at night and the blemishes vanished in the morning.

- Stacia DeBerry, Corporate Marketing Coordinator


I love Janay’s herbal skin care products. I am a faithful user of the soap, cold cream, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner.  The facial cleansing system keeps my skin healthy and blemish free, while the shampoo and conditioner reduces breakage and makes my hair feel soft and full of body. 



Janay’s Herbal Skincare products are a lifesaver!  I no longer worry about embarrassing blemishes or the scars they leave behind.  The soap deep cleans my skin while the herbs penetrate deep in my pores to prevent blemishes.  The cold cream, also known as my skin miracle, removes any blemishes within 24 hours without leaving a scar.  The lotion smoothes my skin and keeps it feeling light and fresh.  I am a Janay’s customer for life.  

- Stacia




I have been a hair stylist since 1981 and I’ve tried a lot of skin and hair products, most of them have left me unimpressed. When John brought me Janay’s Herbal products and told me to try them, claiming all that they could do I was skeptical. But after trying several of the products I must “ I’m impressed”. The facial cleanser deep cleans the skins, and my male customers love it when I use it as a shaving cream, they say it gives them a better shave then the other products they use to use. They also love to use the cold cream as a mask and to help prevent bumping. My customer that suffer with dry itchy scalp loves the way the shampoo tingles the scalp and relives them of their dryness and itching.  The conditioner makes the hair feel so silky and leaves it with a healthy shine and the hair oil and scalp moisturizer is absolutely fantastic. Imaging a product that doesn’t leave the hair heavy and actually stimulates hair growth and leaves a lasting shine. Janay’s Herbal products are the best that I have tried in a long time.  Janay’s Herbal Products has made my life as a stylist a lot easier.


                                                                   Brenda Smith

                                                                   BRENDA’S HAIR SALON




JANAY’S HAIR PRODUCTS has been an answer to my prayers.  I went through Chemo-Therapy several months ago, during my treatments one of the drugs I was given took out all of my hair. Three months ago my hair started to go back slowly, I started using JANAY’S Shampoo and Conditioner and immediately I could feel a difference in my scalp. I am also using the Lite Hair Oil and the Restorer it has only been two weeks since I started using your products and my hair is growing fast and straight.  My hair feels so soft and there is a shine that has people constantly looking at it.  My hair is so beautiful and the Hair oil is so lite that I do not know that I have used it.  Every where I travel people can not resist wanting to touch my hair. Again I would like to thank you for your products and I am telling all my friends about them.






Richard H.Haith

Cosmetologist/ Instructor

15 years in the industry

Salon owner

Certified Continuing Education Provider

Former Education Director for PSC,Inc.

Platform Artist for Avlon Industries

Guest Artist for Goldwell Color Company

Placed in many styling competitions



The Herbal Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner has helped many of our clients that have been diagnosed with eczema or psoriasis.  Other forms of dandruff shampoos and conditioners were used, but the results could not add up to Janay’s products.






I was a beauty consultant for a well known company that specializes in facial cleansing and make-up.  I had used several different cleansing products in order to get my combination skin under control.  I have to say I was never really satisfied with the results of the products...I was loyal though.

Well!, I was introduced to Janay's Herbal Facial Cleanser (while being a consultant for the other company) and was amazed at the results! 

The very first application had my skin (which was dry, patchy and oily) looking absolutely radiant!!  The dry skin patches were gone and the oily skin was under control as well.  My skin looked flawless to me, and when my husband saw me WITH OUT MAKEUP, he was very pleased and immediately asked for a facial using Janay's Herbal Facial Cleanser!  I only get compliments when ever I use the cleanser -before applying my make-up- on how beautiful my skin is.  It never fails, every-time I use it, people ask me what do I use on my skin.  It's when I want to look my absolute best, I make sure to use your products before stepping out.  It has not failed me.  Thank you for sharing your gifts.






Janay's herbal products have proven to be successful in toning my complexion and strengthening my hair.  My face for many years have experienced a negative reaction to the traditional facial cleansers but Janay's soap and facial products work great.  I use the entire product line and I am pleased.



Durham, North Carolina




Dear Sir:


I reside in the Washington, DC area where I purchased your soap and "Herbal Cold Cream" approximately two months ago from a woman who is a make up artist here in the area.  I cannot express to you in writing the transformation that my skin has taken.  I am 44 years old with a youthful appearance, however, I have always had trouble with my skin...acne, dry skin patches, large pores and just an uneven, rough complexion in general.  Wow! what a transformation my skin has made.  I have had appointments with several dermatologists for microdermabrasion treatments, paid for numerous facials, and I have purchased almost every skin care product known to man...from off the shelf drug store brands to high end products.  None of the above have led to the results that I can clearly see since using your skin care products.


Meetings, public speaking and customer service have always been a requirement in my professional career.  I have a renewed confidence and enthusiastic spirit now when I work with my clients. Just a feeling in general that I look well with healthy, glowing skin.


I pray...please...please tell me that I can still purchase these products from your company?...You should be rich and well known...if there is anything I can do to promote have a live, willing and ready spokes model.


Peace and blessings to you and your family. I look forward to hearing from you.


Karen Akins-Washington, DC




For years I have battled dry, sensitive skin, purchasing different products every month in hopes of finding something suitable.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on products seen on TV promising to improve my skin.  I simply wanted something that would moisturize my face and not break out my skin.

Not only have a since found a soap that I can use on my face and body, my daughter has also benefited from the discovery of Janay’s products.  She suffers from a mild case of eczema and skin that is so sensitive that we were advised a few years ago to not even use soap for cleansing and that water would be our only option.  She has been thrilled with Janay’s products as she cannot only use the soap, but all of the other products, too.  We both use the soap as a cleanser and moisturize afterwards with the Herbal Moisturizer (which also allows me to apply makeup on top of it).


Addie, age 8, has extremely curly, dry hair that we battle with no longer because with the use of the Herbal Light Hair Oil and the Hair and Scalp Restorer her hair has become manageable and healthy.  With the use of the products mentioned above, in addition to the shampoo and conditioner she is also able for the first time in her life to wear her hair straight.  With a little heat and the Hair and Scalp restorer she has the ability to swing her long healthy locks around, tangle free and full of shine.


Not only are these products good for what is mentioned on the label but it seems as though each has multiple uses, as well.  The cold cream serves as a mask if left on for an extended period of time, the shampoo serves as a great cream for shaving and the hair oil is gentle enough to use as a moisturizer on the skin, too, just to name a few. Long story short, I will never, ever buy or use another product if it is not something that is not a Janay’s product.  I have literally spent years searching for products that would help my skin, not damage it.  And we have finally found that with Janay’s.



Liz & Addie, Customers for life!              




I am a professional Hair Stylist with 15 years of experience. I started using Janay’s hairline in March of 2007 because I heard from some of my customers with hair and scalp problems that the product was good, so I tried the product.  After using the product on several different clients, I new that I had found a great product. I could see and feel the difference Janay’s made in my client’s hair. I was so impressed that I became a retailer for Janay’s and now I have over half of my clientele using Janay’s in between there visits with me.


Sharon Jones





My hair and scalp feel much cleaner after using Janay's hair products.  Janay's soap, cream and lotion makes my skin feel healthier and softer.  My skin is so vibrant after using the products that I receive compliments from my grandson.


Takoma Park, Maryland