Our Janay's Herbal Face & Body Bar Facial Cleanser is BRN™ Check Plus products. 

About Blue Ridge Naturally™ (BRN)

The Blue Ridge Naturally™ (BRN) brand and associated product quality seals BRN™ and BRN™ Check Plus are designed to bring international attention to Western North Carolina's emerging natural products industry by emphasizing the region's superior quality in a diverse range of botanical and fungal ingredients and in finished natural products. BRN™ Check Plus products have undergone additional testing and contain no microbial*, metals, and pesticides toxicity per FDA or EPA limits, as verified at least every two years per product by a BRN-recognized third party testing laboratory.

*(Testing for microbials varies as necessary based on product)

All BRN ™ certified products:
      Either manufactures or is headquartered in the 23 counties of Western North Carolina and has completed BRN approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training.

      All raw botanical ingredients meet the above raw ingredients criteria or the producer has met BRN guidelines for improved sourcing of WNC ingredients. 

      No items on the Whole Foods Market and Skin Deep Unacceptable Ingredients lists for inactive ingredients are in finished products.


      No FDA GMP warning letters or other state or federal quality violations have occurred in the past year for the product(s) in question.

          To learn more visit http://www.blueridgenaturally.org/