Janay's Herbal | Our Story

Janay’s Herbal products are made with the finest organic ingredients available. Each product is made with care, with holistic health in mind. Whether it’s for acne, razor bumps, dandruff, rashes or just maintaining healthy skin, Janay’s products can help. The company currently makes 7 products, including the well-known Janay's Face & Body Bar.

This line of all-natural skincare & haircare products was founded by John Deberry, President of Blo-Glo, the Janay’s Herbal parent company. Blo-Glo was named after Deberry’s deceased sibling’s nicknames, whose “bubbling personalities" helped to inspire him. When Deberry was 13, his father died from a heart attack and suddenly, more members of his family started passing before the age of 50 from similar causes. This motivated Deberry to find a solution to his family’s genetic disposition. Through extensive research, Deberry was introduced to naturally healing herbs like burdock root. Because of his family’s success with homeopathic remedies, Deberry has become dedicated to providing chemical-free products packed with vitamins and minerals to protect and rejuvenate skin and hair health from the inside out.

Janay’s Herbal products have received rave reviews from customers. Some of whom have even seen improvements with enduring skin conditions, like rashes & psoriasis. Janay's Herbal Organic Skincare and Haircare products are dedicated to reaching the root causes of skin issues and retaining a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy, glowing skin and hair.